Truck Spare Parts and more

With over thirty years of experience in import, export, and logistics, FW Thomas understand the business critical importance of keeping your fleet moving. Access to high quality and reliable spare parts is of major importance to any operator of heavy goods vehicles, and that is perhaps of even more importance in more remote areas such as Africa or the Middle East, where access to OEM parts may be severely limited.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive used spares service, supplying high quality spare parts for all manner of fleet vehicles, trucks, lorries, trailers, and plant machinery to keep you and your business moving. We can supply exactly what you need to wherever it is you need it, across the world.

Whether you’re looking for brake pads, entire drum brake assemblies, single, dual, or triple heavy duty axles, tipping rams, trailer airbags or disc brake axles, FW Thomas can source, export, supply and deliver a huge range of parts to fit your needs.

When you need spare parts, we have you covered. Whether you’re looking for spares to get you moving again, or simply to keep a supply of replacement parts at your logistics hub as insurance against down time, we are happy to provide advice and specifications for all the parts we currently have in stock as well as information on lead time for sourcing and supplying high quality spares for a variety of heavy goods vehicles and logistic fleet vehicles and trailers.

Having built our reputation on international export of used trucks, lorries, trailers, and plant equipment, we have created long established supply lines into some of the most remote regions in the world. It’s exactly this international experience that makes FW Thomas a well known and trusted name in supplying reliable used spares to areas around the world, including African and Middle Eastern countries that other retailers do not or will not deliver to.

In these more remote areas, it’s always advisable to hold a supply of critical spares in order to minimise any disruption to your ability to keep your fleet on the road. Contact us today to discuss building a stock of excellent value, reliable spares to keep any downtime to a minimum and ease the servicing of your heavy goods vehicles or plant machinery. Time is money, as they say, and by keeping a supply of quality used spares from FW Thomas, your business will be able to save time AND money when it comes to servicing your fleet or repairs to your vehicles.

Our team of highly experienced technicians are available by phone Monday to Friday to discuss all of your quality used spare part needs, or you can drop us an email with details of your needs, and we can arrange a call back or advise you by email – whatever works best for you. We’re also happy to receive enquiries by WhatsApp – giving you the flexibility to reach out to us however is easiest for you and your company. Get in touch today and find out just how easy it is to quickly receive high quality spares from FW Thomas.